New Year, new look, new purpose

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New Year, new look, new purpose

Holy crap, its 2010.

And with 2010, I’m sweeping out the old, and turning over the new. A new leaf that is.. well sorta. Read on, as if you are an old time Shadowsden patron, this is going to affect you. If you are here mostly because you like what I do artistically, then you might be pleased.

I’ve decided that I am no longer going to offer spiritual content on this site. After over 12 years of being involved in it, I’ve decided I’m tired of most of the BS that goes on. While the site is still here I’m changing its focus back to a personal website for me, showcasing my current interests and projects, such as my art, webcomic stuff, tutorials, photoshop stuff, creative writing, roleplaying resources/worldbuilding, and other random shit that might come into my brain.

You might ask ‘ but why Myst? Why give up after you’ve been running this site for so long?”

Well,  not only has it been half assed for many years, and practically barren for at least the last like.. 3 years. But I realized that there was more content I COULD be putting here, if I wasn’t chained to the old spiritual stuff. And I also realized that I don’t really have an interest in sharing that much anymore, I’m quite happy these days to keep my spiritual stuff mostly private. Oh I may still post the occasional musing on dreams or tarot card drawings, but for the most part, I think I’m largely done. I’m kind of sick of paying for hosting for a site that was dying for the most part anyway. Most of the people I really cared about have slipped quietly into the night on this side of their lives anyway, and the people I know I still have conversations with.. well.. that isn’t going to change. The forums still are up if you were a part of them, but you may notice a few missing forums. That area will get overhauled in time, right now I’m going to focus on creating new content. Probably to start with a lot of crap on webcomics and art, and then move on from there.
Anyway, here’s to 2010. Huzzah.

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