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This is here, mostly for the sake of transparency and to satisfy certain legal obligations.

Lets be clear, I’m not a saint, and I do try to earn a little money off this site in order to keep paying the hosting bills and what not. I’m not big on legalize, so I’ll make it short, sweet and to the point.

The FTC requires a disclosure policy for blogs, as is detailed in the FTC ruling for bloggers. This is for transparency for you, the reader, to foster trust and good spirit between us.

Mostly I blog about what I want. Primarily that’s usually comics, art, spiritual stuff, and randomly maybe food. The site is currently using a paid advertising network on all content pages. This is to generate revenue to keep up the den. Paying for servers and so forth. Such advertising will be clearly marked as advertising.

  • I will never endorse a product or service that I feel isn’t of high value to my audience and relevant to my topics of choice.
  • All products reviewed will be products that I have gone out and bought for myself, tried for myself, and found to be of high value and high quality.
  • I cannot guarantee that a review of a product or service will be a positive one. I will however, attempt to be as fair and impartial as possible, and provide as much information to be useful to my readers as possible.
  • I retain the right to provide select advertising and sponsorship across shadowsden.org for the right partners and businesses and would never allow a sponsor or advertise a product that I haven’t at least tried for myself.
  • I promote affiliate partners that are relevant to my audience. I will not necessarily note the use of an affiliate link every time.

I want to thank everyone for reading, and of course welcome any questions you might have at shadowsmyst@gmail.com

This Disclosure Policy may be revised from time to time. Last revision was January 17, 2013.


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