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5 Tips on Hiring an artist for your webcomic project

It’s generally a known fact that there are usually way more writers out there in need of artists than the other way around. If you spend any time in any of the webcomic or art communities you’ll run into the age old problem of the writer trying to locate art talent to bring his writing to life, but they come into the search ill prepared to woo an artist to their project. Many are clueless as to what is required on their end to look professional, what artists expect to see, how to get positive attention, and what they can expect to pay, or if they can get work for free.  In this article we’ll have a look at what it takes to score an artist for your webcomic project (and not make yourself look like a douche in the process).

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Writing Webcomics: Where to begin

This article is primarily for the artist who wants to write, but for aspiring comic writers it might be valuable as well.

It has often been argued in webcomic circles, which is more important; writing or art? If a webcomic was a house, the art is really the curb appeal and exterior of the house. Its the decorative touches and facade. It gives the house beauty and character. But the foundation, the heart and soul of a comic is in its story, and thus in the writing. A comic with good writing can gain a following with so-so art, but a beautiful comic with a crappy, incoherent story won’t really limp anywhere for long. Both ultimately are important, but the writing, in long or short format,  is what ultimately keeps readers coming back week after week.

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