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10 things your webcomic could be doing better

When we are starting up, and hell even when we are veteran webcomic creators, we make mistakes, take short cuts and overlook things. This can lead to sub-par performance in some aspect of our webcomic, hindering our efforts to build audience, community, and ultimately readership. There are definitely some things that turn webcomic readers off, and just fixing…
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Tutorial – Photoshop: Coloring Line art pt 2

This was a very long time in coming. 😛 But here you go. The first part of this is here.

Comic Artists – What a good page rate?

This is a useful article for both artists, and people looking to commission/buy art, specifically in the realm of comics. If you happen to be a writer looking to hire an artist, or perhaps you are an artist who’s been approached by someone looking to hire, its good to know what the sort of baseline…
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2011 Convention Report summary

Instead of doing a whole bunch of individual summaries of my conventions, I figured I’d kind of wrap everything up in a single post. Present what I’ve learned, what mistakes I made, what I will changes for next time, and what I did right. For those of you wondering about my Convention exploits and how…
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On-Demand Printer Review: RA Direct

My next printer review, after having used them, RA Direct! These guys specialize in oldschool look/feel of printing, and also being WARP SPEED fast! Here’s how my experience went.

On-Demand printer review – Ka-blam!

All us webcomic folks, at some point, generally get faced with the prospect of printing our comics. Because of our small print runs and almost non-existent budgets, we tend to opt for print-on demand provides. There are a handful that actually specialze in small run, on-demand comics. As a graphic designer who works almost exclusively…
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A curious case for fan art in artistic success

This is actually cross-posted from my deviantart gallery journal, but I thought it was interesting anyway.

Webcomics: 5 tips for getting readers to interact

Its no secret that every webcomic artist loves feedback. Sometimes the only thing that keeps us going is that anticipation of appreciation or minute moment of glory when someone leaves a comment on our latest page. But it can be very hard, especially in the beginning, to coax readers to leave that feedback or interact…
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Interview on Quackcast – Marketing Webcomics

I was recently interviewed for the DrunkDuck Quackcast Episode 22 on marketing your webcomic. A very sort of basic overview, but worth a listen. 🙂 Since I don’t have my own podcast (yet), its the next best thing! Click here to go to the site and have a listen.  

5 Tips on Hiring an artist for your webcomic project

It’s generally a known fact that there are usually way more writers out there in need of artists than the other way around. If you spend any time in any of the webcomic or art communities you’ll run into the age old problem of the writer trying to locate art talent to bring his writing…
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