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10 things your webcomic could be doing better

When we are starting up, and hell even when we are veteran webcomic creators, we make mistakes, take short cuts and overlook things. This can lead to sub-par performance in some aspect of our webcomic, hindering our efforts to build audience, community, and ultimately readership. There are definitely some things that turn webcomic readers off, and just fixing…
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Making Webcomics: What if I can’t draw?

So, you want to start a webcomic, but there’s a problem. You can’t draw. Well, that fact doesn’t have to be the end of your webcomic dreams, but it does mean you may have to go a slightly different route than those who already can.

Making Webcomics: Tools & Equipment

While it might seem like you need state of the art equipment in order to make a webcomic, its actually pretty far from the truth. Webcomic creation can be highly simple or complex depending on your level of comfort with technology and budget. Here’s a  rundown on some of the most common tools to create…
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New Year, new look, new purpose

Holy crap, its 2010. And with 2010, I’m sweeping out the old, and turning over the new. A new leaf that is.. well sorta. Read on, as if you are an old time Shadowsden patron, this is going to affect you. If you are here mostly because you like what I do artistically, then you…
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