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Greetings Den Visitor to my website.

I am your host, ShadowsMyst. This is my little corner of the internet, hope you enjoy. A little history, in case there is any confusion…

This website has been in one incarnation or another since 1998-ish and has continued to evolve since then. Originally it began as a spirituality website. Then I started hosting some art and comics on it. It changed servers over the course of many years, things were lost, added, lost again, reinstalled and left for dead more than once. Usually the site came back, limping, in some form.

In Jan of 2010, I’ve finally decided to drop most of the spirituality component. I have left a little bit (since people keep coming here) to help direct people who have been guided here for information to places where there is more/better information to be had.

I’m currently working on various tutorials, articles, musings, and assorted random awesomeness to amuse visitors with, but its going to take a little while to build it up… as well as determine a design I actually like. I’ll make my own eventually, but designing for yourself is such a bitch.

As this is my personal website, I will also probably be swearing and completely non PC from time to time. Suck it up.

Membership on this site is currently off. I don’t see why it needs to be on, people can leave comments as they wish on the articles on which it is permitted. If you want to talk to me directly, hit me up on social media, links are in the footer.

Who is ShadowsMyst?

I’m a female type human living in BC, Canada with my dearest Husband that wears many (silly) hats and has many interests. I am a professional graphic designer by trade and have been working in print design for over 20 years and been freelancing in both design and illustration on and off since I was in highschool. I began working with webcomics in 1998, and have been on and off with two of my personal webcomics: Shifters, and Brymstone. I attend and help with various conventions, as well as work on my own various artistic projects. I like to play videogames, mostly MMOs. I love cats and corgis.