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This is kind of a glorfied links page.  Its just that I don’t want to put a zillion and one links on my sidebar, so I’m going to keep them all nicely set up here. Huzzah.

Art Resources

Webcomic Creator Resources

Applegeeks – Making Web-comics your day job
– Decent article on the basics of how to start monetizing your webcomic. A little dated, but still decent information.

Webcomic Marketing
– A free blog offering freelance and webcomic marketing advice. Appears to have a heavy focus on conventions, ATM.

Making Comics


  • Adobe Photoshop – Professional program often used for coloring, drawing, composing.  Expensive, but very good.
  • Corel Painter – Intuitive digital painting program that replicates traditional media. Expensive. But less expensive than Photoshop.
  • Manga Studio – Program specifically for comic and manga creation, includes drawing, painting, layout, toning and lettering tools. Available for low cost or a higher cost professional version.
  • Deleter ComicWorks – A competing program to Manga studio from Japan. Somewhat expensive.
  • Open Canvas 4.5+ – A reasonably good commercial paint/manga creation tool, reasonably inexpensive.
  • Original OpenCanvas – The original opencanvas v 1.1 was freeware. Its still available around the web for free. Less advanced than the commercial version, still works well for some people. Includes a colaborative drawing feature to draw with your friends online.
  • Pixia – Free Painting/drawing program. Resembles OpenCanvas.
  • Art Rage – Low cost painting/drawing program. Resembles Corel Painter. Demo is free.
  • Inkscape – A free, opensource vector based image creation program resembling Adobe Illustrator.
  • The Gimp – A free, opensource photoshop alternative.

Podcasts worth listening to

The Webcomics Alliance Podcast – Probably one of the best creator centric podcasts out there, the four primary members of the alliance bring their own problems to the table and discuss both the problems and the solutions. Very professionally done for the most part.

The Lightbox Podcast – Another two creators type podcast, getting together and discussing topics relevant to the webcomics community. Not a bad podcast although sometimes there are sound issues and the hosts tend to ramble a bit. Updates have been spotty on this one lately.

The DrunkDuck Quackcast – Done by wo of the admins (who also are comic creators) on DrunkDuck for the community. It often features good general advice, but also news and such that is relevant to drunkduckers.

Webcomic Communities

These are good places to go for creators looking to rub elbows with other creators, asking for help, or feedback, or people seeking talent in the comics arena to throw a call out there.

Digital Webbing – This is a more professional oriented board, with people who are serious about the industry.

Drunk Duck Forums – Community forum for the free webcomic host Drunkduck. Very friendly, particularly towards new creators.

Comic Genesis Forums – Community forum for the free webcomic host Comic Genesis. Been around a long time, a little more daunting than DD, but still can be helpful.

SmackJeeves forums – Community forum for the free webcomic host SmackJeeves. Generally friendly, particularly towards new creators.

Webcomics Community – A website based around helping webcomic creators get together, a wide spread of creators old and new, a lot of older independants on this board.

Panel and Pixel – A message board/forum for creators. Bit of an odd format.

The Webcomic List Forums – A very active forum for creators on the same site as A very strong European presence on these forums.