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Webcomics: Playing the Advertising Game

One of the most challenging tasks that lay ahead for both aspiring and established webcomics is getting the word out to your audience (or potential audience) that you exist. In the past, link exchanges, top links, banner exchanges and webrings were enough to bring a steady flow of visitors. These days however, the dynamics of…
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Rant: Why Graphic Designers and other Artists get screwed

So recently I came across the site Clients from hell. This site is primarily for Graphic designers and other creative professional types (illustrators, web designers, etc) to share a communal pain at the grief and agony we suffer at the hands of seriously dumbfuck clients. One theme that re-occurs over and over again, which is…
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A post to webcomic readers

This originally appeared in my deviant art journal, but that’s not exactly a great place to post this and I thought it was one of the more poignant pieces I’ve ever written on what Webcomic readers can do to support their favorite comics without spending a dime. A lot of webcomic readers are young, and…
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My love-to-hate relationship with the Gym

I saw this article posted by a friend called “Just don’t do it: the case against exercise”. It might seem from the title a little politically backwards, considering we are constantly inundated with the calls to the gym. But in reality I think its an insightful look at what is possibly the most dreadful way…
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Mushing around 1000 fans in webcomics

Okay, if you’ve never heard of this (and I don’t blame you, you’re probably not into this stuff like I am…) but if you are serious about making any kinda coin with your webcomic (or anything else that’s creatively produced indepentantly in the internet, such as music, fiction, blogging, etc.), its a rather interesting theory.…
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Tutorial – Photoshop: Coloring Lineart Part 1

Next part of the tutorial series, first part (cuz youtube is a bitch for long videos…) of laying ‘flats’ or base colors for coloring some manga style lineart. View the full article for the video.

Tutorial – Photoshop: Preparing Lineart

Video Tutorial Series I’m working on using Adobe Photoshop to produce webcomics. This particular video addresses preparing lineart after scanning it using a nifty channels trick in photoshop. View full article for embedded video.

Making Webcomics – Getting Started

My first post on webcomics, something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Post about this stuff. Now I can. Woot! Anyway, I’ve been making webcomics for years, I started way back in the beginning before webcomics were a big deal. Back when the idea was still novel, and having your own website was all…
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New Year, new look, new purpose

Holy crap, its 2010. And with 2010, I’m sweeping out the old, and turning over the new. A new leaf that is.. well sorta. Read on, as if you are an old time Shadowsden patron, this is going to affect you. If you are here mostly because you like what I do artistically, then you…
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Mythology – Turning into a Werewolf

I like myths and legends, and sometimes I like to write them up and provide them as fodder for creators looking for historical/mythological resources. Its also something I just like. So for your enjoyment, here is a segment on werewolves. Specifically, how to become one. Various methods and rituals said to turn one into a…
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