Month: April 2011

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Webcomics: 5 tips for getting readers to interact

Its no secret that every webcomic artist loves feedback. Sometimes the only thing that keeps us going is that anticipation of appreciation or minute moment of glory when someone leaves a comment on our latest page. But it can be very hard, especially in the beginning, to coax readers to leave that feedback or interact…
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Interview on Quackcast – Marketing Webcomics

I was recently interviewed for the DrunkDuck Quackcast Episode 22 on marketing your webcomic. A very sort of basic overview, but worth a listen. 🙂 Since I don’t have my own podcast (yet), its the next best thing! Click here to go to the site and have a listen.  

5 Tips on Hiring an artist for your webcomic project

It’s generally a known fact that there are usually way more writers out there in need of artists than the other way around. If you spend any time in any of the webcomic or art communities you’ll run into the age old problem of the writer trying to locate art talent to bring his writing…
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